Revealing Rafael Nadal’s fitness secrets

Revealing Rafael Nadal’s fitness secrets

Jun 22, 2022, 12:56 pm
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Revealing Rafael Nadal's fitness secrets
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Sportspersons are the epitome of fitness and health, and Tennis star Rafael Nadal is surely someone to look up to.

We have brought the clay court master’s workout regime, diet, and daily routine that helps him maintain a healthy and fit life.

You’ll have a lot to thank the 36-year-old Spanish Tennis player for, after knowing his daily diet and workout routine.

What Rafa’s day looks like

He wakes up and has breakfast at 8:30 am.

At 9:30 am he begins practice on the tennis courts

His practice ends at 1:30 pm, and he enjoys some leisure.

From 4:30 pm, he starts training at the gym

At the gym, Nadal starts with a vibrating platform that contracts muscles 30-50 times a second and works wonders for blood circulation and muscle strength.

What Nadal’s workout looks like

In between rigorous tennis practice, he also does footwork drills, racket swings, ball drills, and short sprints.

Core strengthening exercises are key to his fitness regime

First, the clay-court master stretches for an hour in the morning, then uses a vibrating platform to help his muscles contract.

He also engages in several resistance band exercises to apply pressure to his muscles and joints.

Rafa also prefers standing sit-ups with resistance bands, push-ups, pull-ups, and medicine ball exercises, including balancing acts and ab workouts.

Then there’s weight lifting, bodyweight training, and Parallel bar dips.

He’s known to keep a couple of hours dedicated at the gym prior to a tournament, to do bench presses, leg extensions, and bicep curls.

During the off-season, he focuses more on weight training.

For breakfast, Rafael Nadal relies on freshly baked bread, a generous drizzle of olive oil, Iberian ham, and orange juice.

Nadal loves olives, and they are an integral part of his diet. His lunch usually consists of lots of fresh vegetables, olives, fish, meat, and occasionally some cannoli.

His love for seafood is well-known, and thus paella often makes it to his dinner menu.

He occasionally indulges in sweets and drinks

Just because he’s a sportsperson, he does not refrain from occasional treats, besides his healthy diet plan.

Nadal has been the brand ambassador for a well-known liquor brand and he does on occasion indulge in a few drinks.

He prefers a well-made cocktail at dinner.

Although not a fan of sweets, he chooses chocolates over cakes or other confectionery when he wants sweets.

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