How Spinta Digital is Helping E-commerce Brands Grow with Strategic Marketing Solutions

With over 65,000 government-recognized start-ups to date, India has the world’s third-largest ecosystem for start-ups. And close to 30 percent of these start-ups are in the field of e-commerce. Many successful D2C (Direct-to-Customer) firms, like BoAt, Swiggy, mCaffeine, and Plum Goodness, originated as start-ups. But sadly, 80-90 percent of new businesses fail during the first five years, owing to a lack of a growth-oriented business strategy and a centralized marketing plan.

A start-up may have a terrific product and seamless service, but it must have a well-thought-out plan and strategy to reach its full potential. Unfortunately, some founders find this period particularly difficult, which is where Spinta Digital steps in to provide the experienced help and direction that a start-up needs.

“Opportunities are tremendous when e-commerce brands come to us for digital solutions. We leverage marketing strategies to position our clients in condensed markets to unveil the brand’s full potential,” said Vinodh Ramakannan, Founder and CEO, Spinta Digital.

Spinta Digital provides strategic marketing solutions. Using digital marketing and MarTech integrations, they create complete growth plans to position businesses and establish lucrative sales funnels. They give end-to-end assistance as well as frequently analyze to ensure that the start-ups they collaborate with are on the right track.

Spinta Digital has helped numerous start-ups become successful businesses in the past, and they aim to help many more in the future too! They take up clients at all stages in their business journey and aid them in accelerating the brand’s growth.

All brands have their own specific requirements, their own USPs that need to be promoted, and their own gaps in the process that need to be rectified. Taking this into account, Spinta offers a set of essential digital marketing services. These services are extensive and are tailored to meet the specific needs of the brands. The key services offered by Spinta include:-

Business Consulting and Growth Strategy: Developing Strategies for scalable and sustainable growth is vital for any firm’s growth. The experts at Spinta concentrate on existing areas that may be improved and enhanced and new avenues that can be adopted with an eye toward the future. This plan, when implemented, will result in an increase in revenue.

Building Profitable Sales Funnels: Bringing leads is just the first step in today’s competitive market. Turning those leads into customers is the end goal. To do this effectively, one needs to cater content according to the stage of the lead by funneling them through the different stages of the customer journey. As Spinta has a lot of experience in identifying the stages, mapping down the customer journey, and coming up with ways to increase the conversion rate, they can make lead flow seamless and profitable for budding start-ups.

Digital Marketing: We all live in a digital age, so social media is a critical factor in the growth of a company. It is important to build a strong presence across digital channels to increase brand perception and brand trust factor. Only then can companies get visible to their target audiences in order to convert them into paying clients. Spinta has always aced the social media game for its clients.

Radhey’s Couture, one of Spinta’s clients recently hit 100K subscribers on Instagram and is making over 9 lakhs in sales per month.

MarTech Integrations – Data and Customer Intelligence: Marketing automation is a set of tactics and accompanying technologies that enable businesses to automate their marketing operations and save time. It also enables brands to nurture prospects in a more personalized manner, providing information that prospects are interested in at the time they are interested in it. Marketing automation should begin with a data-driven strategy and model. Many businesses skip this time-consuming stage, resulting in stagnation or the belief that marketing automation does not work for them. Though it takes some time, MarTech integration is vital to a company’s growth. Understanding this need for service, Spinta offers it and delivers on it!

Digital Business Model Transformation: Digital Business Transformation helps businesses position themselves online to engage with the rising number of customers who want to interact with them online. You’ll have to create a digital transformation roadmap, identify the customer persona, map the customer, develop digital platforms, and so much more. This is yet again an area where Spinta can use its expertise to make the client’s growth journey easier.

To conclude, Spinta Digital aggressively works on strategic 360° digital marketing solutions to help brands reach their true potential. 

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